Advantage India

Saturday, February 18, 2006

New activity at PARITRANA

Many say politics is not the way we can change the system , but thil diry politics exists no other way will survive .
We should give these guys a break a try to help them in any way that we can rather then just saying that it could have been done better .
We should pay more attention to their intention rather then how good they are at framing an ideology.
As i can see of today more and more engineering and medicine students are joining them .Did i mention that more and more engineering and medicine students or thinking about politics, well this is a change in itself !!

I heard that Paritrana has updated its website i.e. installed member password protected access . I hope this meanes that they are ready to release their first members list shortly .Does this mean that Paritrana will start its activities shortly . If true this is a great news . Something i will look forward to !!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

A ray of hope - paritrana .

I dont know what it is but the sheer concept of IITans forming a political party is really getting me excited. How many times must i have wished something like this to happen . Now that it has happened i am dying to contribute . I realise that engineering students are signing up in groups for the party. Nothing surprising as as i think 20 to 25 is the age when patriotism is at its peak in men.
I really want to do something for my country. I relly want to help india. Politics is the only solution that i can think of to bring about the perment change in our society.
I am looking forward to the day when the party will start its operationg in full flow. I relise that this will take about one to one and a half months.
I think there is no need to think how to get the support of educated indians for the party.The problem will arise when we talk about Villagers and fanatic partymen. A lot will have to be done to convince them to support paritrana.But then when we think of changing the whole system these problems look really small.